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I help Men & Women reclaim their
health & fitness despite pain and injury. 




 I help YOU with lower back & joint pain limiting your ability to execute certain daily activities.

I help YOU stop going round in circles with your posture and spending money on other protocols that just haven’t done the job.

I help prevent YOU being let down with aches and pains.

If this is YOU, you are in the right place! 




And in August 2022 I launched TAGFIT - a company with a simple objective:


Help men and women reclaim their health & fitness despite pain and injury. 


You’ll find 5 things I believe in below. If you resonate with them, I think we’ll get along. 


  • I love helping people, but dislike it when people don’t help themselves. 

  • I love learning how to overcome problems, I love a challenge.

  • I am passionate about making a difference.

  • I value time above all else, and dislike it when people waste it. 

  • I don’t take myself too seriously. Life’s too short. 


Sound like we’ll get along? Great. I’ve got so much to share with you. 


A quickie on who I am so you know how I can be most helpful to you. 


Born in Kent, UK. I grew up loving sport and exercise. Specifically Rugby. 


I have been a personal trainer for 15 years now. 


Previously working in many different establishments and now my private facility. 


I had a large portfolio of clients originally in London, creating results and making money. 


But to cut a long story short, COVID happened and TAGFIT was born. 


Which basically means every day I get to wake up and share both what I have learnt and support clients to feel and look strong and happy again, which is pretty awesome! 


Just like:


Clare, Janine and Penny who worked with me to move with freedom.


Richard, Michael and Kevin who can enjoy lifting. 


Ellie, Ian and Rachel who have the confidence to workout again. 


Well now you’re all caught up, and thank you for your time btw. I’ll make sure to make it worth it :)




Before you crack on with your day, can you fire me a WhatsApp message by the button below and let me know how your health and fitness journey is going at the mo?




REGAINED confidence!


Solved her back pain!



Fixed my hip in 60 mins! 

Debilitating back pain gone!



Packed on muscle whilst injured!


Over the moon with 1:1 sessions



Harry is a stand-out PT! 

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-04 at 14.29.15.jpeg

"Harry is a stand-out PT. I’ve experienced so many personal trainers who got me believing they actually cared about my goals and my hopes. Time and again I’ve been left disappointed when it became clear I was just another one on the list. Needless to say, I’ve become wiser and harder to please. In just one PT session with Harry I knew he was different. I felt heard, seen, understood and cared about. He has a wealth of knowledge about physiology, biomechanics and more. He has a tonne of experience as both a PT and as a competitor. He is resourceful and creative in his teaching. He works hard and practices all he teaches. Hands-down he’s the best PT I’ve experienced in a long while and I enthusiastically recommend him."


improved posture!


"Rachel and I have been working with Harry for two months now. After not taking part in exercise for many years we were both worried about starting PT.

The sessions with Harry have been tailored to our needs and are always interesting. We are both enjoying physical activity and challenging ourselves whilst seeing real, week on week improvement to our strength, fitness, flexibility and posture.

We would recommend Harry to anyone considering challenging themselves to improve their fitness."


Less pain, more strength! 


"I started PT training with Harry in May 2023. I searched on the internet for Trainers in our area. I am so glad I found him, because he has been so instrumental in helping and encouraging me to persevere with the body fitness training and exercises I so badly needed. I suffer from arthritis in so many of my joints, which is directly attributable to many years in a Nursing career.

Harry is a wonderful trainer and very patient with me! I am so glad I contacted him.

He has also gradually introduced me to some of the equipment in his gymn which also help to strengthen my muscles.

Harry is an excellent coach and trainer. If you are looking for a Physical Trainer, he IS the one."

“I am in 80% less pain because of training

with Harry.” - kevin h.

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