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human mvmnt 

Life's too short to live in pain!

TAGFIT Human Movement is a therapeutic exercise 10 week program designed to get you out of pain, improve your posture and restore human movement patterns such as standing, walking and running. 


The techniques and exercises in this program have been used for years and has helped clients recover from chronic pain, fully rehabilitate serious injuries & increase health & well-being. Not only does this programme get you out of pain, it teaches you how to sustain better posture and strength for the long run. 


Human Mvmnt will teach you how to move your body as a whole, unlike many other gym routines on the market. Your muscular system will function together allowing for improved structural alignment, increased athleticism and reduced stress on your joints.

The program includes:

  • 10 Week Program

  • Over 50 techniques & exercises

  • Over 30 video demonstrations

  • PDF file to keep for life 


  • Myofascial release ball & cane

  • Resistance bands or Pulley System 

  • Pair of dumbbells 

  • Medicine ball 


  • Release tight muscles 

  • Decompress & Position

  • Master Bodyweight Strength

  • Strengthen Foundations

  • Strength in Motion Base

  • Dynamic Strength Level 1-5

PRICE: £199.99

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What is the reason behind the Human Mvmnt course? 


After coaching clients for many years there is a constant problem that arises when people come to me with pain or injury. The movement patterns they do as habit inside or outside the gym do not reflect correctly how human anatomy should function. 


My passion to help people get out of pain through therapeutic/corrective exercise therefore has been designed so people can become educated in why they were in pain in the first place and teach them how their body should be used instead. 


Will this course help my chronic back pain?


Yes! Engaging the back muscles with other major muscles in the body will allow your body to leverage itself through tensegrity (tension across movement). There are always a few common dysfunctions when you have pain the back area but this course will clear up why and show you how to overcome chronic pain. 



Will this course improve my joint pain?


Joint pain often occurs from lack of strength in the muscles. When muscles are either under-developed or positioned out of alignment, joints have to work harder to stabilise when performing locomotion movements i.e reciprocal movement such as walking, running etc. Joint pain then is a result in a lack of structural integrity which the course will show you how to develop a more robust structure. 



Will this course build muscle?


Muscle grows and becomes stronger through an external force placed upon it. Throughout loaded movement and the right recovery a muscle adapts from the stressor put on it. This course will place a load in many different areas therefore resulting in balanced hypertrophy and strength. 


Will this course improve my pain in my feet?


Modern society wear footwear which is extremely compressive, because typically it is fashionable. Just like any other muscle in the body it needs decompression and resistance to become stronger. The common theme around feet is that they are overlooked. This course will touch base on how to correct this and what techniques you can use to decrease pain. 



'I have used medication, creams, ointments, supports and nothing has worked, why will this?'


This course targets pain and imbalance at the source. Many ineffective ways are used today, however they either mask the pain or treat it in a short term way. Corrective exercise treats the source of the problem and not the symptom. 


It is evident to notice that when poor health arises you don't always receive the suitable long term strategy you need. Often you are prescribed other types of ways to help, but these have adverse side effects which result in decreasing your quality of life.

TAGFIT specialise between the fitness industry and the medical profession as we fully believe that there is a space between supporting patients to resolve their pain with organic options without serious measures such as medicine or surgery. 


Corrective exercise is also available face to face with myself at some of the best private facilities on offer. 


This specialised service adapts to each individuals current structure & condition. An initial consultation will take place prior to any physical activity, including a health screening.

If you would like to improve the quality of your life and feel healthier, happier and stronger take the leap and re-gain control.

Terms & Conditions Apply

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